Fabrício Silva

Front-End Developer

Araraquara, São Paulo Brazil

+55 16 99177-1556


Front-end developer focused on implementing user interfaces for web and hybrid mobile applications with more than 5 years of experience. Experience in environments that promote agile practices. Flexible to work in different companies, from small to multinational.

Work Experience

Web Developer focused on front-end, S2IT - - - Araraquara, SP

Responsible for building web applications with Angular and Vanilla JS, using the .NET platform.

Front-end Developer / Hybrid Mobile Developer, IBM - - - Hortolândia, SP

Responsible for building web and mobile applications with Angular and Ionic Framework, using the Bluemix platform.

Web Designer, Entire Technology Partners - - - Ribeirão Preto, SP

Focused on creating web and mobile user interfaces and implemented with HTML, CSS and JavaScript in .NET platform and Cordova. Worked in two principal products, e-Trade and e-Supply.

Web Designer, SG&C Agência de Comunicação - - - Ribeirão Preto, SP

Collaborated with art directors and designers to develop websites, landing pages, hotsites, and emails marketing.


Specialization, Web Engineering

Senac | -

Bachelor, Advertising

Universidade de Ribeirão Preto | -

Additional Education

Free Course, Programming

Pluralsight | -

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Ionic, NodeJS

Free Course, Programming

Alura | -

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, NodeJS, SQL, MongoDB


Organizing the JavaScript

Howtocode / (15 hours)

Javascript and jQuery - Fundaments and libraries

Senac São Carlos / (40 hours)

CSS Architecture

Howtocode / (8 hours)

Web interfaces with HTML5 and CSS3

Howtocode / (12 hours)

HTML5 e CSS3 - Websites creation

Senac Ribeirão / (40 hours)

Web development whit HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Caelum / (40 hours)

Starting whit JavaScript

Howtocode / (15 hours)

Technical skills